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Open Doors, Open Minds: Brian Ignites FPT Conference with Open-Source FPGA Vision

QuickLogic CEO at FPT '23

Brian’s presentation, titled “Open-source FPGA Development: A New Era of Innovation and Growth,” was met with enthusiastic reception at the FPT Conference in Japan last week. The lively discussion that followed, lasting a full 20 minutes after the talk ended, testified to its impact.

So, what was it all about? Brian delved into the exciting world of FPGAs and eFPGA IP based on open-source tooling. Traditionally, FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) have been walled gardens with limited flexibility and user tools. But not anymore! Brian shared how QuickLogic is shaking things up by embracing open-source tools and architectures. This means that anyone, from seasoned engineers to curious newbies, can get their hands dirty and build real products.

The talk wasn’t just about tearing down walls—Brian also outlined how QuickLogic is working to make FPGA development faster and easier. We’re talking about going from one to two years to mere weeks! This is thanks to collaborations like the one with Google, University of Utah’s OpenFPGA research project, and with the University of Toronto. Imagine sketching out your idea and having a working chip in your hands in less than six months.

The message resonated loud and clear with the FPT audience. The Q&A session was packed with questions, ideas, and excitement for the possibilities open-source FPGAs unlock. It’s not just about tech—it’s about democratizing innovation, empowering new players, and fostering a collaborative spirit in the industry. The future is bright, and it’s full of possibilities—all thanks to open minds and open FPGAs!

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