ArcticPro™ Ultra-Low Power eFPGA

Build Flexibility and Differentiation Into Your Next Low Power SoC

Low power SoCs are constantly required to include new and innovative functions. As a result, designers are looking for hardware solutions with the flexibility to add new features and still meet tight deadlines. Adding ArcticPro™ ultra-low power eFPGA is an ideal solution that can be customized to implement post production changes without costly and time consuming redesign.


Why Embedded FPGA

  • Flexibility
    • Supporting changing requirements, multiple un-ratified standards, multiple chip variants
  • Lower R&D Costs
    • Reduces total development cost and time to bring multiple SoCs to market
  • Increase Performance
    • Integration in of eFPGA into SoC increases performance by eliminating chip-to-chip delays
  • Lower System Power Consumption
    • QuickLogic has optimized eFPGA from the ground up for low power
    • Possible integration of hardware accelerators using programmable logic to offload main CPU
  • Fine-Grain architecture
    • LookUp Tables
      • Two independent LUT3s or One LUT4
    • Multiplexers
      • Up to 8:1 mux & independent 2:1 mux
    • Optional Flip Flop
  • Multiple inputs and outputs enable independent logic to share the same logic cell
    • This leads to much higher logic cell utilization in 'real life' designs

Artic Pro Cell block diagram



Fitness band


Peel block


Aurora™ Place & Route Tools and Borealis™ eFPGA Compiler - Comprehensive Software Tools for easy eFPGA integration


QuickLogic's partnership with GLOBALFOUNDRIES® adds a unique dimension to the FDX program by offering customers ultra-low power embedded FPGA (eFPGA) Intellectual Property, complete software tools and a compiler.

SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation)
The ArcticPro embedded FPGA (eFPGA) technology is the industry’s first to be offered on the SMIC 40LL process. QuickLogic’s ultra-low power eFPGA architecture and mature software in combination with the SMIC 40LL process offers SoC designers an easy-to integrate, highly reliable and extremely low power eFPGA IP.


Mentor®, a Siemens Business
QuickLogic’s partnership with Mentor enables designers to have a seamless design and development environment for eFPGA technology. Mentor’s synthesis tool Precision is optimized for QuickLogic’s ArcticPro eFPGA architecture. Working in conjunction with QuickLogic’s Aurora software, the Mentor tool helps designers generate high performance designs for eFPGA applications.

Aldec, Inc.
QuickLogic’s partnership with Aldec for Simulation flow helps designers verify their eFPGA designs using Aldec’s Active-HDL software. Taking advantage of simulation expertise from Aldec, designers implementing QuickLogic’s eFPGA technology can be successfully complete design verification for functionality and performance using the Aldec simulation environment.


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