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Security Solutions for SoCs with Embedded FPGA Technology

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QuickLogic’s Australis-generated eFPGA IP is now available with bitstream protection by using Intrinsic ID’s QuiddiKey® to provide security options for devices incorporating embedded FPGA (eFPGA) technology. Some of the security options include secure key generation based on SRAM Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) to full security solutions including bitstream encryption, key wrapping, authentication tags, key verification, and data encryption/decryption for storage within the device or for board- or system-level communications. As a result, QuickLogic’s eFPGA customers can secure the designs that they implement on the eFPGA or authenticate the design being loaded in the eFPGA.

The combined solution provides multiple security options for a wide range of applications ranging from industrial IoT to aerospace and defense. Specific applications include secure key storage, authentication, flexible key provisioning, anti-counterfeiting, IP binding, and supply chain protection.


  • Uses standard SRAM start-up values as a PUF to create a hardware root of trust
  • Root key and other cryptographics keys are reconstructed with QuiddiKey when needed
  • The eFPGA bitstream can be securely encrypted and authenticated with AES in GCM mode, protecting its contents and blocking any copying onto unauthorized devices
  • The eFPGA bitstream encryption key is protected within a< QuiddiKey key code, which encrypts and authenticates keys for the physical device it was created on. The key code can be safely stored in any NVM


  • Secure your eFPGA design and keep your devices from being cloned
  • No keys at rest: no sensitive data is present when the device is powered off
  • Keys are bound to the device and can only be recreated and accessed on the device they have been created on
  • Minimizes overhead through optimized hardware design
  • Highly reliable secure key storage solution in the most advanced technology nodes


Aerospace and Defense

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