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Securing the Digital Horizon: Quantum-Proof Your Assets

The fusion of QuickLogic's cutting-edge eFPGA technology and Xiphera's xQlave™ Post-Quantum Cryptography solutions heralds a groundbreaking approach to secure your digital assets. As quantum computing rapidly evolves, posing unprecedented threats to information security, our partnership is dedicated to offering robust, quantum-resistant cryptographic solutions.

Key Benefits of Our Joint Solution:

Quantum-Resistant Data Protection

Leveraging Xiphera's xQlave™ PQC IP Core, implementing ML-KEM (Kyber) key encapsulation mechanism, on QuickLogic’s versatile eFPGA architecture, we ensure unparalleled security, guarding your data against even the most sophisticated future threats.

Optimized Performance

Experience enhanced computational efficiency with hardware- accelerated cryptographic operations, courtesy of QuickLogic's eFPGA, perfectly harmonized with Xiphera’s xQlave™ IP cores.

Isolated Secure Storage

Our innovative eFPGA architecture features segregated block RAMs, providing a fortified enclave for storing sensitive secrets, impervious to unauthorized access.

Future-Proof Flexibility

Stay ahead in the security game with a solution that adapts to emerging standards, such as the NIST standard for Post Quantum Cryptography, ensuring your systems are always equipped to counter quantum threats.

Customized eFPGA IP Generation

QuickLogic's Australis™ IP generator enables bespoke eFPGA solutions, tailored to meet specific performance, power, and area (PPA) requirements, making it the perfect companion for advanced cryptographic algorithms.

Hybrid Security Schemes

Combining traditional cryptographic methods with cutting-edge PQC, solution offers a layered, future-proof defense mechanism for both new and existing eFPGA platforms.

Our collaboration brings together the best of hardware-based security and flexible, programmable logic. This synergy not only elevates your security architecture but also empowers you with the tools to anticipate and mitigate future cyber threats effectively. With a clear focus on providing adaptable, robust, and efficient cryptographic solutions, we are redefining what it means to secure digital assets in the quantum age.

Learn more about security with Xiphera by reading "Implementing Post-Quantum Cryptography on eFPGA Architectures"
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