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Antifuse FPGA IP and FPGA Software for Mil/Aero/Defense Applications

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QuickLogic has been supplying FPGA-based products for consumer, industrial and mission-critical applications for nearly three decades. Silicon-verified, production-proven eFPGA on a variety of process node / foundry combinations, including radiation hardened devices.

QuickLogic has been a trusted supplier of programmable logic programmable logic-based products for consumer, industrial and mission-critical applications. Our eFPGA IP enables SoC designers the flexibility to launch products based on a highly reliable programmable logic technology, trusted by numerous military and defense prime contractors over our nearly three decades in the business.


  • Expand addressable market of your SoC through on-chip programmability​
  • Market test new features and functions before committing to hard gates or custom silicon​
  • Protect your IP by using the eFPGA as a programmable isolation area from the other IPs in your SoC​
  • Protect your system-critical functions from brown-out by implementing in antifuse programmable logic​


  • Efficient architecture, high logic cell utilization​
  • Fine-grain architecture​
  • Highly routable architecture​
  • Antifuse technology is not susceptible to brown-out conditions, is instant-on and non-volatile
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For questions on rad-hard and rad-tolerant implementations, contact us.


QuickLogic Antifuse eFPGA IP and FPGA Software for Mil/Aero/Defense Applications

Block Diagram


Low Power Battery backed equipment (consumer/wearable/portable & handheld)

Aerospace/Military (extended temperature, Instant on & High reliability)

  • I/O Level shifting (interface to different bus or IO voltages)
  • Bus Interfaces (MCU to memory, MCU 2 MCU, MCU to peripherals/Displays/I2C/I2S/SPI/UART/PWM)
  • I/O expander
  • Encryption
  • Power up sequencer (live on power up & control system boot)

Highest Design Security

  • QuickLogic Patented Programmable Interconnect
  • Interconnect Between Metal Layers
  • No External Configuration
  • Small Physical Size – Hard to Observe
  • Non Volatile = Instant On

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