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Arm Cortex®-M4F Sensor hub
with voice recognition in a single device

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Either as a host MCU or a low power companion MCU, EOS S3 will meet your battery life target

The challenge in designing the next generation of wearable technology is to increase the number of sensors and features while maintaining a days or weeks of battery life. The EOS-S3 family of SoCs with ultra-low power consumption, always-on voice recognition, sensor management and eFPGA for customized hardware blocks is your most flexible wearable design choice


  • Designed from the ground up for longer battery life
  • High accuracy voice Detection
  • Free up precious M4 Memory and MIPS by offloading functions to the integrated eFPGA


  • Low power consumption
  • High accuracy voice detection
  • Integrated 1K LUT4 eFPGA for acceleration and custom interfaces
  • Tiny package size at 2.4mm × 2.7mm

Alexa Dev Kit

The Amazon-qualified QuickFeather AVS Reference Design empowers OEMs and ODMs to evaluate and develop their own smart wearable products quickly and easily. This kit integrates the Alexa voice-initiated Close-Talk experience, enabling a broad set of battery-powered applications to communicate directly with Alexa for a multitude of use cases. In addition, OEMs and ODMs can optionally integrate multiple AI-based motion, sound and other AI use cases based on SensiML’s AI Software Platform.

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EOS S3: Wearable Application Block Diagram

EOS S3: Wearable Application Block Diagram

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