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This Week’s IoT Summit

As we briefly discussed in last week’s press release (and in a blog before that), Tim Saxe will be keynoting this Thursdays IoT Summit, just down the road from QuickLogic HQ at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  Tim’s speech, “What Wearables Design Teaches Us about IoT (Internet of Things”, will open the summit on March 5th at 9AM (tickets here).


Tim will discuss how the microprocessor has reshaped the way people think about computation and what it can accomplish, will suggest that IoT requires a similar reshaping, and will use the wearables industry to illustrate how changes in key assumptions will be part of this reshaping.   I’ve heard Tim’s speech, and its a very compelling one.  For those unable to attend the summit, we will have a copy of Tim’s remarks posted to the website as soon as possible after the show.  Look for notice of that here.

For those who are able to attend, QuickLogic will also be exhibiting our TAG, TAG-N, and ArcticLink 3 S2smartphone reference designs at the show, all running SenseMe.  With Mobile World Congress being this week, we’re running the seasonally-appropriate baseball spring training-esq split squad — I hope to see you there!

You can follow the show at @SensorsCon (and of course, follow QuickLogic at @QuickLogic_Corp at the same time).

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