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It’s a Busy Week at QuickLogic…

…just as we are getting over the taxi line-induced sore feet hangover of Mobile World Congress and last weeks IoT Summit, we’re off again in multiple places this week.


Brian Faith, VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, and Andy Pease, President and CEO, are down at the Roth Conference.  The presentation from the Roth Conference is available here.

While Brian and Andy stoically brave the 70 degree Dana Point, California temperatures, our European team are hosting a demonstration booth the Wearable Technology Show 2015 in London, while at the at the MEMS Executive Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, Tim will be on an IoT Panel on Tuesday at 11:30 local time.

Finally, getting back to the IoT Summit from last week, some information:

  • A video of Tim’s keynote is here
  • The actual presentation from the keynote is here
  • And the presentation from our table-top demo is here

And, a quick picture from the table demo…

IoT Summit 2015

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