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We’ll Be at Linley This Wednesday…

For those attending the Linley Tech Mobile Conference in Santa Clara this Wednesday, our very own Dr. Tim Saxe will be continuing his “speaking tour” with a speech entitled “Partitioning Between Software and Hardware is Key to Ultra-Low Power”, followed by a panel discussion, starting at 1PM local time.


Additionally, we’ll be hosting an exhibit table from 4:20 to 6 on the same day, showing the ArcticLink 3 S2 and SenseMe.

Come on by if you’re attending!

5 thoughts on “We’ll Be at Linley This Wednesday…

  1. What good will this do if you have NO NEW Customers? Your sales team is incompetent and your window of opportunity is quickly closing. Good luck anyway.

    A VERY unhappy shareholder

    1. I second above opinion. Not any useful information for investors here. Hopefully someone buys the company before its too late.

    1. Hello Ron,

      Tim’s talk at Linley was well received, according to attendees who stopped by (including two QuickLogic investors). The presentation from the speech is posted at the events page:

      The exhibition portion of the seminar will hopefully bear fruit as well — some interesting conversations about our S2 solution with potential customers (customer names cannot be shared without their permission, sorry).



  2. Ron and Jon I disagree with your comments above. Just my opinion. As I see it, the sensor game in wearable’s is just getting started and the Apple iWatch(smart watch) will force the competition to get suited
    up and hit the field too if they want to compete for any future business. For me I believe Quik Logic has an
    A Team for the management (along with some high level top notch people on the advisory board) coupled with great hardware using the FFE and now with some of the best in class algorithms that will be able to be maximized using the FFE giving the end user the best experience to monitor their individual desired endpoints. For me the sensor game is about to begin. Quik Logic is one of the players striding onto the field along with some of the other “players” (LSCC, INVN, etc.) We will soon see if QUIK is “riding the pines” or is on the starting line up. I am planning on QUIK being in the starting line up and not only a starter but one of the studs on the field. Again just my opinion.

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