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Building Momentum in China!

I’m very excited to announce that our CFO, Dr. Sue Cheng and I will present the QuickLogic story at the Reach China Investment Conference in Beijing on Tuesday, June 27th.

The Reach China Investment Conference focuses on small companies with high growth potential. This is our first ever investor presentation in China and more than 200 financial investment groups have been invited to attend.

Just a few days ago, we announced that we have opened a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in Shanghai. That effort reflects our commitment to further developing and supporting our ongoing EOS™ S3 Sensor Processing and eFPGA engagements and design win activities in China.

This morning we announced a few of the designs we’ve recently won with Qiwo and Janyun. These are not among the designs we’ve discussed during our quarterly conference calls. We also issued a press release covering collaboration with AISpeech, Ltd. AI Speech has a significant presence in the Chinese market and its cloud-based AI digital assistant (similar to Alexa in the U.S.) that has already established a substantial presence in China. We were able to easily accommodate Qiwo’s request to enable the AI Speech digital assistant by leveraging the voice trigger agnostic technology used in our EOS S3 solution.

Sue and I are looking forward to the opportunity to tell our story to the Chinese investment community.

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