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And Because SenseMe Isn’t Just for Fitness….


A few days ago, we released a video of some of the fitness use cases that SenseMe™ can enable.  While fitness is definitely one the leading (if not the leading) use cases for today’s wearables, we’d be neglectful in not talking about what else SenseMe offers.  So, another video…


SenseMe is ever-evolving.   Our algorithms continue to become more and more complex to meet the growing needs of our customers (and their customers).  We’ve come a long way in a short time, and aim to continue the momentum in the months and years forward!

2 thoughts on “And Because SenseMe Isn’t Just for Fitness….

  1. Paul, thanks for the continued updates on Quik’s blog. The video looks very professional and does a good job
    showing what the current algorithms can do. I am very excited as a large stock holder of QUIK to watch
    Quik Logic succeed in the sensor hub/SenseMe part of the IoT. Let’s kick some ass and take some names!!

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