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SenseMe — Our Platform or Yours…


As we discussed briefly in the Q1 Earnings Call, yesterday we announced that our SenseMe™ sensor algorithm suite is now available for licensing.  This allows QuickLogic to not only sell our ArcticLink 3 S2 silicon platform with SenseMe, but to also license SenseMe to customers who may have an existing sensor hub in their existing design and simply need better algorithms for their product.



We’re talking about this at today’s Benchmark event in Milwaukee, along with a number of other sensor processing system items (the presentation from the event will be posted shortly).

The biggest question we’ve been asked is how does this affect the value proposition of your low power silicon?

In short(ish): It doesn’t affect the value at all.  We continue to believe that our ArcticLink 3 S2 the lowest power programmable sensor hub in the world.   However, some OEMs do have existing sensor hub hardware (whether it be in their Applications Processor, a discrete MCU, or other method) that they may not have the ability to move away from in their existing design, regardless of the power (in)efficiency.  Licensing SenseMe to those existing designs could allow QuickLogic a more near-term ability to capture revenue, as well as a customer platform that continues to prove and validate the capabilities and accuracies of our algorithms.   We are still a silicon company at heart, and would certainly aim to sell silicon (plus software) whenever we can.


Finally, we’ll be at the Sensors Expo event on June 9 thru the 11th in Long Beach, CA, for those attending.  Stop by and see us!

2 thoughts on “SenseMe — Our Platform or Yours…

  1. I posted in one of these blogs last October to sell this and short the stock. I said it was going to be trading under $1 by may or June of this year. It was still trading over 3 at the time. Looks like I was wrong but not by much. Of course June is not over yet and when they get dumped off the Russell 500 look out below.

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