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Tomorrow’s Earnings Call…


I wanted to give you a heads up that on tomorrow afternoon’s Q1 2015 earning call (2:30 PM), we will be using a PowerPoint Presentation in addition to the normal audio.

In the minutes before the call, you can gain access to stream the live presentation here.  Follow the link to the Q1-2015 Earnings Conference Call, and you’ll then be viewing live in the window that opens.  The presentation will be available for download after the call as well.


17 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Earnings Call…

  1. Never fails to amaze me just how bad Management and Andy pace is on a conference call and what baloney keeps getting reported here we’re losing our shirts All of you should be fired.

    I’m marching myself to an attorney next week. Tell Paul McWilliams “thank you for putting me into this dog eight years ago” I’ve done nothing but lose money! What kind of advice is he giving you.

    He will be named in the suit also

  2. As a long term individual investor in Quiklogic I have based my investment on continuing indepth research into the future of where the industry of consumer devices, chipmakers and network equipment manufactures are moving towards and the language all of them are using include the term sensors and their use cases. I believe Andy Pease has set the right strategic roadmap for Quiklogic. We are only in the infant stage of this industry movement and Quiklogic has made great strides in the past year in providing a product the marketplace has to seriously consider. As an investor of course I would like to see a significant revenue ramp. I do not base my investments on a newsletter writer but rather on my own research and I am patient enough to wait and see how this competitive landscape plays out. Is Andy perfect? Of course not. I can only hope he knows the difference of applying a military mindset to a fiercely competitive marketplace and the different mindset required of an engineering culture, of which I think he does based on a low headcount and the great things they have accomplished in the past year.

  3. Disappointing guidance. CEO giving a technical presentation on an earnings call smacks of desperation. Stop trying to convince us with technical presentations, and start convincing us with sales and positive guidance.

    Also I notice the marketing for the sensor hub always talks about ‘longer interval between recharges’. Isn’t it also the case that due to the low power consumption, you can have more sensors sensing more environmental factors and still not have to recharge very often? How come you never sell that angle?

    1. Hello Adrian,

      A lower power consumption at the sensor hub level certain lends itself to longer intervals between charges, and we do sell that value to our customers. Certainly lowering the power consumption of the hub could allow a power budget for additional sensors, but that begs a few questions. The first is, what’s more valuable — the longer battery life our hub can enable, or the adding of additional features? Each OEM will have a different answer to that. A second question that is asked — Does the OEM have the BOM cost and PCB space budgets for those additional sensors? Some do, some don’t.


  4. And yes, Paul McWilliams got me into this company and so far all I’ve done is lose a lot of money. He and Andy Pease are old buddies and perhaps Paul should have refrained from recommending a company run by an old friend – I think it clouded his judgement.

  5. And what about VX – the viewability enhancement technoogy. As I recall, there has only been one taker – Kyocera – in one smartphone model the whole time this technology has been available. Who did the market research on that? How did they get it so wrong? Looks like a big waste of time, energy and cash.

    1. Adrian,

      I think you’re forgetting that in addition to multiple Kyocera smartphones, the ALIII VX was also taken by Samsung (Galaxy 3 Tab 7.0), Pantech, and a few unnamed others. The BX variant of the ALIII has been shipped in production quantities to Samsung (multiple Galaxy Tab variants, plus Beam 2 smartphone), as well as a number of additional customers.



      1. Hey Paul, you forgot to mention BenQ. My grandma still uses it. Thank you for being a part of buidling it.

        1. How come Ralph’s resignation was not mentioned in the call?. Andy is probably next in line. You idiots don’t care for investors.

          1. Hello Dave (or Hep, or West),

            Ralph’s resignation was given to QuickLogic on April 30th, the day after the Q1 2015 earnings call. Had he given his resignation prior to the call, it would have been noted on the call.



  6. Paul,
    i have been a Quik shareholder for some time now. i have followed quarterly calls religiously and have really tried to understand the business, where are they going, the markets they compete in etc. i think it is fair to say that in the past market acceptance of Quik products have been minimal as we have seen in both revenues, profits & ultimately in the stock price. I know that there are new products in the mix that could alter the future a bit and could be a great thing for Quik. Bottom line is that until we see further progress in Revenues and sales it will be hard to see any advacement with the stock price. is there any way to clean any insight as to how these new products are being accepted and new product wins and generally get a feel for where the future is shaping?

    1. Hello Brad,

      First, thanks for being a shareholder. We do appreciate your confidence, and work hard each and every day to deliver value to you.

      We will always provide updates on production wins, product successes, and product acceptance in our quarterly earnings calls. While we cannot always provide extremely detailed information as to the ‘who’, the ‘where’, and the ‘how (much)’, we will do our best to at least give you the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.

      Between earnings calls, if we are able to provide information on production wins, we will do so through press releases. Until the device actually enters the production, rarely (if ever) can we actually give any detailed information. Even when in production, we’re still hamstrung by NDAs (and yes, I know that’s probably the millionth time I’ve said that) that are increasingly secretive, limiting our ability to give details. To be clear, with every OEM engagement, we do attempt to get permissions for press releases.

      Thanks again!


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