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Always Listening Voice Recognition – Hype or …?

A reader response to our recent blog on the EOS S3 capability to do always-listening voice recognition with Sensory’s TrulyHandsFree product inspired me to share a personal experience where I can see a use case for the technology.

First, let me share a recent picture from a short hike I recently completed.  This breath-taking sunrise view was captured from the top of Mt Fuji in Japan.  There is a famous saying that “A wise person climbs Mt. Fuji once, only a fool would climb it twice”.  This was my 3rd time, so I’m not sure what that says about me.



Most hikers strive to reach the summit (3,776 m, or 12,389 ft) at sunrise.  You can probably guess at that elevation, it gets pretty cold.  In fact, even during the summer months it’s barely above freezing.   Not too pleasant for a warm-blooded Californian with exposed fingers!  As most of us snap photos now with our touchscreen smartphones, I found myself rotating which hand I would remove my glove from in order to touch the screen for the photo.  Take a few photos, put glove on, take glove off other hand, take more photos, …. Rinse and repeat.



There must be a better way.  Then I realized my phone has the Sensory TrulyHandsFree technology and I could simply hold the smartphone with my gloved (and warm) hands and say “Cheese, Capture, Shoot, Smile” or “Record Video”!

This is yet another reason I’m so excited about the partnership with Sensory to bring TrulyHandsFree technology to market in such the EOS S3 low power sensor processing platform.

How about you?  What other use cases can you envision?

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