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Dawn of a New Generation

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A few weeks ago QuickLogic introduced its new, revolutionary EOS Sensor Processing Platform.  (In Greek mythology, Eos is the goddess of the dawn – symbolizing that this product represents “the dawn of a new generation of sensor processing systems”.)  The announcement garnered a lot of attention in the editorial and analyst community, with over 200 articles published.  So what was all the excitement about?

 At a high level, it is about a tremendously capable sensor processing platform operating at an amazingly low level of power consumption.  Specifically, the platform integrates three dedicated processing engines – Sensor Manager, patent-pending Flexible Fusion Engine (FFE) microDSP, and an ARM Cortex-M4.   We save power by using more purpose-built hardware to do the sensor processing, and then leave the ARM core asleep longer.  We believe most of the always-on, real-time sensor processing can be done in the FFE, and then the Cortex-M4 can be used to run a Real-Time Operating System, and our sensor framework.  And if our customers need more computing capability than the first FFE?  We can build a second one using the embedded, ultra-low power in-system reprogrammable FPGA.

 Have you heard of always-listening?  Through our partnership with Sensory, we now integrate a dedicated block for always-on voice triggering and phrase recognition to enable voice-driven commands at very low power levels – meaning, always listening without the negative impact to battery life.  Finally, the platform is designed to work seamlessly with our extensive SenseMe algorithm library as well as customer-developed algorithms.

 Customers who choose the EOS Sensor Processing Platform will find that they are able to easily integrate a wide range of advanced user functions without breaking their power budget.  These include: pedestrian dead reckoning, sports monitoring, biological and environmental sensor applications, gesture and context awareness, augmented reality and gaming.  Just imagine what you could do…

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