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Embedded Programmability (Finally) Comes of Age

The widely fragmented nature of the IoT market is creating new challenges for SoC companies that cannot be effectively addressed with the design approaches used in the mobile markets.  As is the case in mobile markets, SoCs need to be optimized for low power consumption and low cost.  However, given the vast diversity of products targeting the IoT market, SoCs also have to be flexible enough to address many use cases.

Due to advances in fabrication technology and new software tools developed by QuickLogic, SoC designers can address this flexibility challenge by adding a very low cost block of eFPGA.  With this, semiconductor companies can shorten time to market, substantially broaden the total available market potential, lengthen the life-cycle for new SoC designs and often lower power consumption.

In his keynote presentation at the IoT conference, Dr. Tim Saxe, QuickLogic Sr. VP and Chief Technology Officer discusses the advancements that have substantially lowered the cost of embedding FPGA technology in SoCs and ASICs, and why we have reached a point where the cost to benefit equation is now favorable for high volume markets.

Please visit EE Times Programmable Logic DesignLine for the complete article.

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