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SoC Developers, You Have Our Full Support

You might have seen our recent announcement regarding the fact that we’re opening an eFPGA support center in Taiwan. The reason this announcement is so significant is that it demonstrates the depth of our commitment to eFPGA technology for SoC developers. We’ve already spoken at length about the benefits of embedding FPGA logic in SoCs, so I’ll just briefly mention them here. Adding QuickLogic’s ArcticPro™ eFPGA technology gives SoCs post-production design flexibility at very little additional cost in terms of power or dollars and cents.

This flexibility can be used to create multiple product variants to address critical sub-markets, or to evolve the product to support emerging standards, or to add new features to address competitive challenges. All of those things can be accomplished without the time and ever-increasing costs associated with mask spins. So our customers get the best of both worlds, the higher revenues and gross margins associated with having just the right product, without the higher development costs and longer schedule traditionally required to deliver that product.

Our eFPGA technology is well supported by our Aurora software development tools and Borealis compiler. Our Aurora tools reflect our decades of experience in co-evolving programmable silicon and its associated design entry, place and route and programming software tools. Our new Borealis compiler complements our existing tool suite by allowing SoC developers to easily evaluate, size, and implement the amount of programmable logic needed for their designs.

Now SoC developers will get not only the benefit of our long development experience and the fact that we’ve shipped over 40 million programmable devices, and our powerful and easy-to-use development tools, but also a local technical support center. This support center is designed to provide a three-way interface (customer, fab, and QuickLogic) to make eFPGA implementation as simple and easy as possible. Our customers will have local, highly-skilled technical support for fast turn-around and quick resolution of implementation questions. The result will be a comprehensive eFPGA solution for our customers which will position them well for quick and successful flexible SoC introductions.

With your SoC technology and our eFPGA technology we can change the world. The combination will be disruptive and everyone will benefit (except for maybe your competition). We invite you to become one of the disruptors and to be among the first to take advantage of our new support center in Taiwan.

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